Q&A with 2017 TCS New York City Marathon Runner, Khari Parson

Khari Parson will be running in the 2017 TCS New York City Marathon with Team JA New York on Sunday, November 5th. He gave us some insight into how he started running, who inspires him the most, how to avoid over-training, and more.

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Q: How many other marathons have you run?

A: 1 Half Marathon

Q: How did you get involved with Team JA New York?

A: I volunteered with Junior Achievement at Newcomers High School in Queens, which is how I became aware of the organization. After I did not win the lottery for the NYC Marathon, I knew Team JA New York is very compelling and would be a great partner for the race.

Q: How did you first get into running?

A: I began running in 2008 with a running club. I was running with them 3-4 times a week with short, tempo, and long runs. It culminated with running the Berlin Half Marathon in 2012.

Q: How do you stay motivated to train?

A: I enjoy running outside and it doesn’t feel like something I “have” to do when I go for a run. I also switch up my workouts (with weights and biking) and different routes. NYC has lots of scenery and a variety of terrain to keep things interesting.

Q: How do you measure success as a runner?

A: Success as a runner means enjoying your runs, setting and meeting your goals (even if the goal is to just get outside), and avoiding injury.

Q: Do you have any training tips for new runners?

A: Do not over train! As a new runner, it is common to want to quickly increase mileage or have consecutive days running. When this is done too soon, it can lead to injury, which can sideline your training. Pace yourself and gradually your body will be acclimated to the stresses of running.

Q: What do you find is the most rewarding thing about running?

A: I love the physical challenge of running and pushing myself and being able to see a different side of NYC while running.

Q: Who inspires you?

A: I am inspired by the runners who put in miles every day no matter the weather.

Q: What are your favorite pre- and post-marathon meals?

A: If I am running in the morning, I usually have oatmeal and a banana. After a long run, my go-to is Ramen and a beer!

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