High School Grade Programs

As high school students begin to position themselves for their future, there are many unanswered questions about what lies ahead. JA New York’s high school programs help students make informed, intelligent decisions about major life decisions, and encourages them to foster skills that will be useful in the “real world”. 

Download Junior Achievement’s High School Grade Program Scope and Sequence.

Programs High School

Program Delivery

Our high school grade programs can be delivered in one of two ways: 

  • JA Weekly – Volunteers work with students weekly in their classroom, for 5-7 visits of 45 minutes each. Visits are scheduled after consulting with classroom teachers and volunteers. The volunteer(s) deliver each program lesson once a week in 5-7 visits lasting 45 minutes each. Visits take place during school hours.
  • JA at Work – Volunteer(s) host students at their company or organization for career exploration programs  like JA Job Shadow or our Youth Leadership Conferences.

JA programs correlate to New York Learning Standards  for social studies for grades K-12 as well as the Common Core standards in English/Language Arts and mathematics.

High School Grade Programs Offered By JA New York

JA University: 6th—12th Grade / Local Program

Programs High School JA University Volunteer Guide-1

Discusses important college readiness topics including options for post-secondary education, planning a budget, and making a personalized college action plan. Three volunteer-led sessions can be completed at the school or a host company. Click here to learn more.

Capital One / JA Finance Park: 8th - 12th Grade

Programs High School JA Finance Park Student Workbook Cover v2

Through hands-on classroom activities and site-based or virtual experiences, JA Finance Park students build a foundation for making intelligent, lifelong personal-finance decisions. The program includes hands-on in-school activities that culminate in a visit to a JA Finance Park facility, or mobile unit, or online through JA Finance Park virtual.

Click here to learn more about the Capital One / JA Mobile Finance Park program in NYC and Long Island.

JA Economics For Success®: 9th Grade

Programs High School economics for success

Explores personal finance and students’ education and career options based on their skills, interests, and values. It also demonstrates the economic benefits of staying in school. Six 45-minute, volunteer-led sessions. Click here to learn more.

JA Job Shadow® & Youth Leadership Conferences: 8th—12th Grade

Programs High School Job Shadow

The JA Job Shadow program and Youth Leadership Conferences introduce students to careers through one-day, company-hosted career exploration, workshops, and one-on-one shadowing of professionals in the workplace. Two teacher-led classroom sessions prior to the three-four hour work-site visit, and one follow-up classroom session.  

Read more about the JA Job Shadow and Youth Leadership Programs in NYC and Long Island. 

JA Be Entrepreneurial®: 10th—11th Grade

Programs High School be entrepreneurial

Introduces students to the essential elements of a practical business plan and then challenges them to start an entrepreneurial venture while still in high school. Seven 45-minute, volunteer-led sessions. Click here to learn more.

JA Career Success®: 10th—11th Grade

Programs High School Career success

Equips students with the skills to compete globally, specifically the 4Cs: critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. Seven 45-minute, volunteer-led sessions. Click here to learn more.

JA Personal Finance®: 10th—12th Grade

Programs High School personal finance

Explores planning, goal-setting, and thoughtful decision-making within personal finance. Five 45-minute, volunteer-led sessions. Click here to learn more.

JA New York Business Plan Competition: 10th – 12th Grade / Local Program

The Business Plan Competition is JA New York’s signature entrepreneurship education program for high school students. Students work in small teams to create a viable business plan for a product or service. Several rounds of competition determine the top three teams who receive cash prize awards and a trophy for their school. Six 45-minute, volunteer-led sessions; two teacher-led sessions. Click here for more details.

JA Economics®: 11th—12th Grade

Programs High School economics

Reinforces micro- and macro-economic concepts, explores the U.S. economic system and how economic principles influence business decisions. Introduces personal finance concepts such as saving, investing, and taxation. Sixteen teacher-led sessions. Click here to learn more.

*For Gold Partner Schools only. 

JA New York High School Heroes: 11th – 12th Grade / Local Program

Programs High School New HSH Training Packet

JA New York High School Heroes program provides service-learning and leadership development opportunities to high school students in their communities. 

High School Heroes serve as inspirational role models to younger students, and contribute to the future economic stability of citizens by introducing basic financial literacy concepts and skills to younger kids in their neighborhoods.

High School Hero Students volunteer in teams of 2-3 in a local classroom to teach a fun and interactive JA program for the duration of one day.  Click here to learn more.

JA Company Program® (Kit-Based): 11th—12th Grade

Programs High School company program

Analyzes and explores personal opportunities and responsibilities within a student-led company. Twelve required, volunteer-led meetings. Click here to learn more.

JA Company Program® (Web-Based): 11th—12th Grade - NEW in Spring 2015!

Programs High School company

The newly revamped JA Company program demonstrates the fundamentals of successful start-ups, including leadership, marketing, sales, financial management, supply chain, entrepreneurial thinking, and innovation. Computers with internet access required. Thirteen required meetings (combination volunteer– and teacher-led). Learn more.