Students, whether or not JA is in your school, you can find tools to help you discover and pursue your educational, professional, and personal ambitions. See what JA alumni have to say about the influence of JA on their the school and life decisions, or find out how you can get more involved with JA to widen your network and get more access to opportunity.

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Free College and Career Development Resources for High School Students!


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If you are a high school student who has completed a JA program, you might be eligible to apply for a Junior Achievement USA Scholarship.

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JA My Way

This website is your guide to creating awesome resumes, finding the perfect career, managing your money and more! Get started by taking the Personality Quiz. Register and see which careers fit your personality at My Career. Explore buying a car, saving for college and filing a 1040EZ at My Money. Build your resume at My Resume. Check out starting a business at My Business – all at JA My Way!

Explore And Download Free Apps!

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JA has co-developed several Apps to help you make informed career and life decisions. From Apps that help you research and explore future career opportunities, to Apps that assess your potential future income from a desired career track, and/or to evaluate the cost of post-secondary education, you can have fun while gaining valuable insight on major life decisions that determine your future. Click here to explore free Apps available to you.