As parents, a lot of your time and effort is focused on giving your child the best possible start in life. Junior Achievement wants to collaborate with you to put your child firmly on path for life-long achievement.

See if JA New York is in your child’s school.

Involved Parents

Do You Want To Get Your Child’s School Involved With Junior Achievement?

Involved Parents Joseph Hernandez, 2014 Student of the Year and his parents.

Joseph Hernandez, 2014 Student of the Year and his parents.

Advocate to get JA programs in your child’s school. Download our School Application form and pass it on to your school principal.



Interested In Volunteering In Your Child’s School? Are You Part Of The PTA Or Another Parent Group That Could Volunteer?

Involved Parents JA Elementary Classroom Two 11

JA New York will train you and your parental group members to deliver JA programs in your child’s school. Furthermore, we will provide administrative resources and on-the-ground event support to ensure that your volunteer efforts are successful experiences for you and the students you serve. Contact us at for more information.

Free Curricula And Resources For Parents

Involved Parents

You don’t have to be intimidated or nervous when talking about the “M-word” – money – with your children. JA USA provides free resources for parents to jump-start conversations with their children about money, budgeting, financial literacy, work readiness, and entrepreneurship.