Do you wish someone had talked to you about money, business, or career readiness when you were young? Who inspired or encouraged you along the way?

As a JA volunteer, you can be a source of empowerment and support for the students of New York City, Long Island and the Lower Hudson Valley by sharing your personal story of success with students who are eager to learn from your college, career, and life experiences.  Sign up to become a JA volunteer role model today!


Who Volunteers And Why?

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Volunteer role models and mentors  are the heart of the JA mission. JA New York’s diverse pool of corporate and community volunteers come from a wide range of occupations, backgrounds, and age groups, including business professionals, parents, retirees, and college students. They all share a common vision to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy.

It’s the volunteers’ stories and experiences that bring the JA concepts and lessons to life for the 80,000 students we serve.  They help students make connections between what they learn in the classroom, and how it is applied in the “real world.”

How Does It Work?

You attend a free training session/volunteer orientation where you receive detailed best practices, program overview, and classroom management tips.

After completion of the training, we provide you with a traditional grade appropriate program kit and/or digital resources, and place you in a NYC, Long Island or Lower Hudson Valley classroom where students and educators are excited to welcome your volunteer and mentoring support. 

Throughout your experience, a JA New York program manager will provide ongoing support to ensure that your JA volunteer event is a successful and rewarding experience for you and the students we serve.  

 Involved Individual Volunteer JA Kit


How Long Does It Take?

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Depending on the grade-level and program delivery channel, your time commitment could be a single school day, or a weekly 45-minute visit for 5-7 weeks. All programs take place during the school day. 

Where Can I Volunteer?

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We partner with over 250 elementary, middle, and high schools in New York City, Long Island and the Lower Hudson Valley, and will work with you to find a convenient match for your volunteer experience.

Next Steps?

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Fill out our volunteer registration form to receive information about our free volunteer orientation and training sessions.

Corporations, Groups and Organizations

Email us at to start a conversation about  employee/team volunteer opportunities with JA New York.

Are You A Returning Volunteer?

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We provide a variety of ways for you to deepen your commitment to the JA New York cause.

Help Us Celebrate Your Contributions To Junior Achievement

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Our volunteers, partners and supporters often go above-and-beyond to ensure that the young people we serve will succeed in school and in life. Meet some of our outstanding volunteers and supporters.

Volunteer Options

JA in a Day

Become a teacher for a day! Lead 5 or 6 JA activities back-to-back at an elementary or middle school. Time commitment is generally between 9am to 3pm. Sign-up with a friend or colleague to co-teach.

JA Weekly

“Adopt” a class and lead a 45-minute JA session once per week at one of our partner schools. You’ll receive a complete JA kit with detailed lesson plans and colorful teaching materials tailored to the grade you’ll be teaching. Volunteer commitment ranges between 5-7 visits at a participating elementary, middle or high school, and you can sign up with a friend or colleague to co-teach.

JA at Work

Host middle or high school students at your workplace. Teach them about career opportunities at your company through a JA Job Shadow. Or we can work with you to build out a custom agenda of learning and empowerment. Options include Youth Leadership Conferences, Young Women’s Leadership Conferences, daylong business plan competitions (middle school only), JA University college readiness workshops, or financial literacy workshops.