Corporations & Professional Organizations

We provide a variety of high engagement, low effort corporate giving opportunities to professional associations, small businesses, and Fortune 500 companies. Furthermore, we make it easy for you to  partner with us.

Involved Corporations & Professional Organizations

From providing company-sponsored fundraising and employee volunteer events, to delivering expert, on-site logistical, and administrative support, our staff will be with you every step of the way to provide the tools, support, training, and materials to ensure that your commitment to giving back to communities in our area is fulfilled. Email us at

A Partnership With JA New York Will Help You Meet Your Business Objectives:

Return on Investment For Your Corporate Philanthropic Dollars

Involved Corporations & Professional Organizations

We direct your company/group resources to schools and communities where it will do the most good. We train your employees to deliver JA programs in high need schools where you can make an immediate difference in the lives of under-served students in NYC, Long Island, and the lower Hudson Valley. 

Be sure to include JA New York in your company’s social responsibility portfolio.

See what Citi says about the value generated by their corporate philanthropic partnership with JA New York.

Next Steps?

Choose how you wish to get involved with JA New York.

Email us at: for more information.

Professional Development And Team Building

Involved Corporations & Professional Organizations Team building

Did you know that teaching JA programs and participating in company-sponsored team fundraising activities helps your employees to:

  • build self-confidence
  • strengthen their time-management, public speaking, and presentation skills; and
  • deepen their commitment to your company?

Let JA New York help you provide meaningful and value-driven professional development opportunities to your team.

Investment In The Community

Help us ensure that NYC, Long Island, and the lower Hudson Valley remain a competitive, center of global business and commerce.  

Involved Corporations & Professional Organizations

Your investment of time and resources in local students – the future workforce of NYC, Long Island, and Hudson Valley – will help drive the economic development, growth, and stability needed to improve the quality of life in our communities.

Click here to learn why it’s everybody’s business to help kids in our communities become the best educated, and highest skilled workers and innovators in the local, national, and global market economies.

Access To A Talent Pipeline

Involved Corporations & Professional Organizations analyst and associate

When you partner with JA New York, you are connected to one of the largest and most diverse pools of talent in the country – the NYC, Long Island, and Hudson Valley public school systems. Join more than 40 NYC, Long Island, and Hudson Valley companies who have invested in developing and attracting the best of our local young talent. 


Involved Corporations & Professional Organizations Increase Your Visibility on the Web with Social Media Optimization

We collaborate with your company’s PR team to highlight and provide visibility opportunities for your company’s philanthropic footprint in communities where you do business.