Catching Up with Jennifer Min


JA New York caught up with JA New York Alumna, Jennifer Min, former Student Ambassador and the 2004 JA New York Student of the Year honoree, to find out if JA New York seeds of inspiration have continued to flower after high school graduation.

What have you been doing with your life since your graduated high school in 2004?

I am currently enrolled in Stern Business School at NYU. I am still undecided about my major because I haven’t taken any of the introductory business courses yet. You never know what you’re going to end up liking. But I do know I’m going to end up majoring in finance or marketing or a double major in international business and fine arts.

Has JA New York had an impact on your current career interests?

JA New York changed my life. If not for JA, I don’t think I would be going to business school. I might have gone to medical school only to realize by the 3rd year of med school that I can’t stand the sight of blood anymore. JA made me realize that I love business. It is just an innate component of me now. I see everything through a business lens and it is fun, intricate and challenging. I love dealing with people; figuring out strategies of how a company can reach its optimum success level and what causes one product to sell over another, etc. JA laid a real foundation for me and it left me curious to learn more.

You seem to value the networking, learning, leadership and development opportunities of internship experiences. Are you currently involved in an internship opportunity that you would like to share with us?

Instead of working at an internship, I am involved with a lot of business clubs at school. I am a member of the Entrepreneur Club, the Real Estate Club, and the Management Consulting Club. I am learning about different areas of business on different days of the week. It’s great! In the Entrepreneur Club, I am getting the hands-on experience of starting a new business. We (the students) are starting a cafe in the Lower level of the Stern building where we will sell drinks and snacks to students who spend long hours studying there. The key aspect of our business is that we will sell healthy food snacks. It’s a big project for us because we’re taking the initiative to fill a gap in our school’s food market that has been long overdue. Afterall, we are living in an age where whole and organic foods are gaining popularity. I’m responsible for researching supply resources and contacting food suppliers and distributors to find out the cost of buying goods at wholesale rates. I am also part of the image development team. This group is responsible for creating a whole new ambience in the location to appeal to our customer base. The heart of the business is about providing quality and we have high expectations for it.

I am also a cohort leader of my class at Stern. A cohort leader is in charge of 40 students in their freshmen class. We deliver community and educational experiences to our fellow students through the events and activities that we plan.

Has your Student of the Year recognition award inspired you to achieve more?

Being Student of the Year has helped me to focus on working harder to pursue my goals. Imagine I have attained this much already! It makes me believe that the sky’s the limit! I want to find out what else I can achieve by daring to discover things about myself that I didn’t know I could do. I want to push beyond my limits, and try out the many possibilities in life. I definitely challenge myself more and work harder to learn more–to better myself and become an expert at things. For example, I have been inspired to pursue other things such as joining the Entrepreneur Club and becoming a Cohort leader. I taught myself how to plan and organize events, make contacts, make lists and make important decisions that affect large numbers of people. It’s an extraordinary feeling to be capable of doing such things. I will try to keep advancing and growing. Each choice I make will be a progression from where I started -as a student enrolled in the JA New York program. The real question is where will I go from here?