Jane Wang: Class of 2009

Jane Wang

We caught up with JA Alumna, Jane Wang, a Class of 2009 high school graduate who is now well on her way to a successful career in the business of fashion. Jane attended Forest Hills High School in Queens, and she was a participant in a JA New York youth leadership and development program for 9th-12th graders. As a JA student, Jane received exclusive networking and college and career development opportunities that helped prepare her to compete successfully in her chosen career field. After graduating from high school, she attended NYU’s Leonard N. Stern School of Business where she received a Bachelor’s of Finance degree in 2013.


“After graduating from NYU, Bloomingdales recruited me for their trainee buyer program in NYC.  Currently, I am a Senior Assistant buyer for women’s shoes for Bloomingdales where I am pursuing a career in the fashion industry. Back in high school, I would never have imagined having a career in retail. Actually, I did not even know that a “buyer” job existed. Now I am obsessed with what I do for a living. I can honestly say that I am “in love” with my career, and I really cannot imagine doing anything else.

As a high school student, I was always interested in business and fashion, so it makes sense that I would choose a career that combines the two areas that I love. As a JA student, I learned how important internships are in college. The reality of today’s job market is that you have to be experienced and career ready before you graduate. Internships help you to build important relationships and networks, and they can help you grow your skills portfolio. I was able to land a full-time job at Bloomingdales because of the internship I served there during my junior year in college.

The three words that best describe my JA experience would be meaningful, educational, and enjoyable. Junior Achievement also taught me how to build relationships and work collaboratively with diverse groups of people, and it gave me access to professional environments and successful individuals at a young age when I really needed the support and example of role models who helped fuel my drive to succeed.

Looking back at my transition from high school student to business professional, I would not want to change a thing. All of my experiences have been valuable, and they have put me firmly on the path to career success. I feel thankful and fortunate that Junior Achievement played a key role in helping to prepare and shape me to take advantage of the opportunities that have come my way.”