Rising Achievers

Rising Achievers belong to the generation of CHOICE, where there was a JA program to suit everybody. You participated in JA when our program offerings and opportunities for students expanded rapidly. We went from being an organization known for after-school business and entrepreneurship experiences to a deliverer of in-school and workplace-based programming focused on financial literacy, entrepreneurship and work readiness – the three pillars of financial stability.

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What was your favorite JA program or experience? How old were you when a JA volunteer first came to your classroom? We want to hear from you.

Reconnect With Achievement

Involved Alumni Rising Achievers

You belong to the generation for whom achievement is about choice over chance.JA New York is still evolving and changing with the times. You choose the way you want to stay connected to the Junior Achievement community in NYC, Long Island and the Lower Hudson Valley.

Share Your Story

Involved Alumni Rising Achievers Share Your Story

As someone who can speak firsthand about the mission and value of JA, you can inspire others to volunteer and make a difference.

Share your story with us.

Pay It Forward - Volunteer

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Become a JA volunteer to inspire and prepare another generation to own their economic success JA alumni are some of our strongest and most effective volunteers. They understand the influence a caring volunteer can have on a student’s ability to reach his/her fullest potential. 

Make a Donation

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Make a donation in honor of your JA volunteer/mentor.

Get Your Company, Professional Organization Or College Involved

Involved Alumni Rising Achievers

As a former JA student, you know how much we value relationships with our business and community partners. If you work in a corporate setting, or if you belong to an active professional development organization, or a college, community or social group, get them involved with JA New York.

Fundraise To Benefit JA New York

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As a Rising Achiever, you have power and influence across a number of networks. Leverage your network relationships to benefit JA New York. Participate in one of our fundraising events, or create your own.