Legacy Achievers

As a Legacy Achiever, you participated in JA’s original flagship course – the JA Company program. For your generation, the JA company program was a fun, memorable and TRANSFORMATIVE experience of your youth.  Legacy Achievers remember the JA Company program as a deeply engaging business and entrepreneurship after-school experience.  It taught you how to be a competitive, innovative, problem solver and critical thinker.

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For many of today’s senior level business leaders, the JA Company program laid a foundation for their entry into, and success in, the world of business.  Check out our list of well-known individuals who were former JA kids. What were your key life and business lesson take-aways from your JA Company program experience? Share your JA Company program memories with us.

Reconnect With Achievement

Involved Alumni Legacy Achievers

Find out how Junior Achievement has continued to grow and evolve since you were a student. Stay current on our volunteer, fundraising and programming activities. Find old friends. Make new friends. Connect with some of the most dynamic business leaders and professionals in NYC and Long Island.

Share Your JA Story With Us

Involved Alumni Legacy Achievers

Tell us about your participation in the JA Company program. Share details about your product, your teammates, your profit or loss, your participation in NAJAC, your favorite volunteer business mentor, most memorable lessons learned, and the impact of your JA experience on your life and personal development. Share your JA story to inspire others to volunteer and make a difference.

Share your story with us.

Pay It Forward – Figuratively!

You benefitted greatly from your JA student experience. Now it’s your turn to help someone else achieve their dreams.

Involved Alumni Legacy Achievers

Become a JA volunteer to inspire and prepare another generation to own their economic success.

JA alumni are some of our strongest and most effective volunteers, because they understand the influence a caring role model and mentor can have on a student’s ability to reach his/her fullest potential.

Pay It Forward - Literally!

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As a senior or mid-level professional, you are finally in a position to make an investment where there returns are infinite.

Make a donation.

Get Your Company, Professional Organization Or College Involved

Involved Alumni Legacy Achievers

As a former JA student, you know how much we value relationships with our business and community partners. If you work in a corporate setting, or if you belong to an active professional development organization, or a college, community or social group, get them involved with JA New York.

Celebrate National JA Alumni Month With Us

JA USA has designated January as national JA Alumni Month. What does it mean for you?
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Junior Achievement affiliates across the nation are reaching out to reconnect with former JA students in meaningful ways and building a vibrant JA Alumni community that you can continue to leverage and contribute to as you grow and evolve in your career and life.

You Could Be JA Alumnus Of The Year!

Involved Alumni Legacy Achievers JA Alumnus of the year

Did you or someone you know achieve great things as-a-result of your JA experience? If so, please consider submitting a nomination for JA Alumnus of the Year.  Want to know more? Download the Alumnus of the Year criteria and rules.

Meet JA USA’s 2015 Alumnus of the Year.