Alternative Spring Break

Each spring thousands of college and university students switch from hitting the books to hitting the party circuit in their nearest beach town. For them, SPRING BREAK can be one, long, Vegas style adventure.

Other students see spring break as an opportunity to contribute and grow through meaningful volunteer activities and community service projects.  Each spring, we work with select local and national college and university groups who wish to trade in their beach towels for a JA kit and a volunteer assignment to inspire and prepare some of NYC’s highest need student populations to succeed in school and in life. They invest their time and knowledge in an alternative spring break with JA New York.

This year six students from the University of Texas-Dallas, travelled to NYC to spend three days teaching JA It’s My Business, JA Global marketplace, and JA Economics for Success to 360 PS 206 Brooklyn 6th-8th graders.  In addition, they volunteered for another two days at Capital One / JA Mobile Finance Park in downtown Brooklyn, where they helped students from Richmond Hill and the navigate through some critical  budgeting and spending decisions.

 “Our experience was fantastic! We all had a wonderful time and we especially appreciated the range of lessons and experiences that were available to us. All of us had our own favorite day/age group during the week’s volunteer experience with Junior Achievement. Where else would you get an opportunity to work with 6th graders all the way up through high schoolers?  We also want to compliment your team members, as they were all incredibly thoughtful and considerate of our group and asked great questions during breaks and lunch to help our team members think and grow through our Junior Achievement experience in NYC. Thank you JA!”

–UT-Dallas Volunteer

Click here for more information about college and university partner opportunities with JA New York.





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