Adonal Foyle Visits Finance Park

In February 2015, retired NBA veteran player, Adonal Foyle visited Capital One/JA Mobile Finance Park in Brooklyn.

“One of the early lessons in money management that I learned as an NBA player is that it is not always the amount of money you earn that is important; it is your ability to keep it, manage it, and grow it to ensure your future financial stability.”

Watch this video to hear Adonal’s thoughts on the educational value and impact of the Mobile Finance Park experience on the students we serve.


Adonal Foyle is a retired NBA veteran player (Orlando Magic and the Golden State Warriors). He is a member of the National Basketball Players Association Executive Committee He has a strong interest in education and financial literacy. He recently wrote, a financial literacy book “Why Players Go Broke,” because he has experienced first-hand how many athletes make and lose fortunes because of poor or uninformed decision-making with money. In his spare time, Foyle writes poems and is a political activist. He has reviewed books for HOOP Magazine. In 2001, he founded Democracy Matters, a non-partisan student organization, as an effort to counteract political apathy on college campuses. In 2005, Foyle founded the Kerosene Lamp Foundation, which serves children in St. Vincent & the Grenadines. In 2009, he became the ninth inductee into the World Sports Humanitarian Hall of Fame.




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